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Dongguan Work Permit Application

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Dongguan work permit application has gained an increasing popularity in recent years. Dongguan is a major industrial hub in Guangdong province, located 100Km from Hong Kong, and just half distance between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The city administration is considered especially progressive in seeking foreign direct investment. And due to its favorable locations and cheap labor force, many foreign investors come there to set up businesses or seek employment.

According to Chinese law, foreigners must apply for work visas for a legally employment in China. It is not an identity card, but an indispensable part of the new life in China. The two Special Administrative Regions, Hong Kong and Macau, maintain their own independent border control policy and thus have their own visa requirements.

Requirements on Applicant
(1) Be aged 18 or above and healthy;
(2) Have the relevant expertise and 2 years of or above work experience;
(3) Have no criminal record;
(4) Confirm his/her employment;
(5) Hold a passport or any other international travel document.

Required Information for Application
(1) Application Form;
(2) Work certificate;
(3) Certified highest degree level (education level) certificate;
(4) Certified Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Issued by the applicant’s place of nationality;
(5) Employment contract;
(6) Business licence or corporate registration certificate of the employer or related organization;
(7) Passport, international travel documents or other identity certificates;
(8) Health certificate;
(9) Other documents specified by laws and regulations.

Note: Even if all requirements on work permit are met, clients should not take it for granted that they can obtain the permit safely. The Chinese immigration authorities and local labor bureau have the right to refuse any person permission to work and residence in China for certain conditions.

Why Should You Get a Work Permit in China?
(1) It is your long-term pass to work and life in China;
(2) You can bring your family members to China after family visa arranged based on working visa;
(3) Working visa can be extended within China without exit the country, saving time, money and energy;
(4) Having a working visa can improve credibility and is conducive to business management in china.

Tannet’s foreign expat service center is specialized in apply for Chinese visa for foreigners who come to China to live, study, work or set up business. We ensure you an easy life in China.

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