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Macao Trade Fairs and Conventions

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Macao is a meeting point for Eastern and Western business and cultural exchanges with the city functioning as a co-operation platform for a long time. The rapid development of Macao’s trade, manufacturing and service industries further promoted the city’s external exchanges and co-operation in the 1960’s, when relatively more organised themed trade fairs were begun to be organised in Macao.

During 1970’s and 80’s, import and export commodities exhibitions, trade fairs and trade expos showcasing locally manufactured products were the major trade and economic events in Macao. The 1st Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF), organised by the government trade and economic department (Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute), co-organised by a number of chambers of commerce, trade and economic related entities from Macao and other regions, was organised in 1996. MIF has been witness to the rapid growth of Macao’s convention and exhibition industry, with the fair developing into a more international and professional event.

There are an increasing number of events being held in Macao the size and content are also expanding, while the convention and exhibition sector is improving and growing. Meanwhile, a number of large convention and exhibition venues are being constructed in the city. The first to the fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese speaking Countries (Macao) were held in Macao, reflecting that the city is capable of hosting major international meetings.

As the branding effect of local conventions and exhibitions is becoming more obvious, various overseas fairs and events are also being attracted to Macao. During these years, the “International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum” and the “APEC Tourism Ministerial Meeting 2014”, are two of the international events organized in Macao.

In addition, the Dynamic Macao Business and Trade Fair has been held in various Mainland cities since May 2009, the event is not only a popular activity in the host cities, but also boosts co-operation in trade, tourism and culture between Macao and the relevant cities on the Mainland.

Thus, there are a list of Trade Fairs and Conventions that will be held at Macao for the period of April until December 2017.

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