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Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute –IPIM

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Macao is a free port with simple and low taxation regime, as well as being a hub where eastern and western cultures meet. The city possesses business advantages such as close ties and interaction with overseas Chinese entrepreneurs and Portuguese-speaking Countries, and has a favourable investment, convention and exhibition environment.

Currently, Macao is working towards becoming a World Tourism and Leisure Centre as well as a Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. It aims to fully utilise its unique strengths and actively engage in regional co-operation, seize the opportunities brought about by the national 13th Five-Year Plan, the “Belt and Road” initiative, the establishment of the pilot free trade zones on the Mainland, as well as jurisdiction over its coastal waters, to create enormous business opportunities for local and overseas investors.

The SAR Government has been adopting the strategy of simultaneously pursuing horizontal diversification and longitudinal diversification, to consolidate and enhance the current pillar industries, while promoting the growth of an increasing number of emerging industries such as conventions and exhibitions, traditional Chinese medicine, culture and creative and gradually achieve moderate economic diversification.

In view of the development of the international market and local economy, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) will focus its effort on the development of the “One Centre, One Platform”, strengthen trade and economic liaisons between the Mainland and Portuguese-speaking Countries, for the implementation of the establishment of the Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries and its extended development of the “Three Centres”, as a means to explore more development potentials for industries.

With the ultimate goal of elevating Macao into a City of Events, IPIM will also actively promote moderate economic diversification, and focus on the development of the MICE industry both in terms of quantity and quality. By nurturing the growth of local branded exhibition, providing the One-stop MICE Bidding and Support in Macao, implementing various plans to foster the development of the convention and exhibition sector, assisting the industry to grasp the development opportunities.

IPIM will continue to provide Investors with a One-stop Service, trade and economic promotion service , off-shore service as well as temporary residency applications for investment, trade and economic information consultation service, to help provide favourable business and investment environment for enterprises and investors, local SMEs as well as young entrepreneurs.

a. IPIM’s main responsibilities:

• To introduce potential investors to the local investment environment and opportunities. Also to provide “One-Stop Service”: information enquiries – project assessment – company registration assistance provided by IPIM’s notary – guidance on administrative procedures concerned with licence applications – project follow-ups – assistance in the implementation of projects.
• To provide trade, economic, statistical, general information and market analysis to assist clients in exploring the market and the development of their business.
• To organise, co-organise exhibitions and other promotional events locally, to participate in such events held outside Macao and to sponsor local enterprises participation in such events, as a way to create trade opportunities.
• To organise local economic delegations to search for business opportunities, welcome visits by delegations to Macao, in order to create channels for exchange and co-operation.
• Responsible for the issuing of licenses, technical assistance and supervision for non-financial offshore institutions. To promote local offshore development with various activities.
• To evaluate applications for local residence by investors, company managers and professionals.
• Editing and publishing of trade and economic magazines, to promote Macao’s business environment.

b. Organization Structure

c. Contact Information
Addres: World Trade Centre Building, 1st & 4th Floors,918, Avendia da Amizade, Macao
Tel: (853) 2871 0300
Fax: (853) 2859 0309
Tel: (853) 2888 1212 (24 hours)

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