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Macau Company Registration

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Macau company registration is one of Tannet's business incorporation services. Macau, also Macao is a commercial city with a very open economy, advantageous geographic location and complete infrastructure. Macau is also a free port without exchange controls, and funds can flow in and out freely; thus many investors have been attracted to invest in Macau.

There is no special restriction on Macau company incorporation, and Macau practices a low taxation rate system, with limited items of taxation. In recent years, favorable factors have been increasing in Macau, and economic environment has met sustained development, in particular, hospitality and tourism, which drove the rise of Macau's economy, and the international community showed increasing confidence concerning investment in Macau. At the same time, Macau is also one of the freest and most open regions for global trade and investment.

a. Advantages of Set Up Macau Company
• Stable financial system;
• Satisfactory trading environment;
• Low tax rate: offshore companies can be exempt from profit tax, business tax, inheritance and gift taxes, property transfer tax, stamp tax and salaries tax for the first three years of employment (non-Macau residents);
• Potential offshore service centre;
• Platform for economic and trading cooperation between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

b. Two Categories of Macau Companies
• Macau local company;
• Macau offshore company.

c. Types of Macau Local Company
• Personal commercial enterprise;
• Corporate commercial enterprise;
• Economic interest group.

d. Differences between Different Business Types of Companies

e. General Procedures of Company Incorporation

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