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Xiamen Company Registration

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Xiamen company registration also called Xiamen business incorporation or corporate formation in Xiamen. Xiamenis a costal city of Fujian Province. It is an island city with a rich and dramatic history, replete with pirates, rebel leaders, and European merchants. Now linked to mainland Fujian by a cause way, Xiamen retains a strong international flavor.

Known in the West as Amoy, Xiamen has a long history as a port city, and later became a center of British trade in the 19th century. Their foreign settlements, later taken over by Japanese invaders at the start of World War II, were established on the nearby small Gulangyu Island. Many of the old treaty-port and colonial buildings in Western styles survive.Xiamen was declared one of China’s first Special Economic Zones in the early 980’s, taking advantage of the city’s heritage as a trading center and the proximity to Taiwan. Today Xiamen is one of China’s most attractive and best-maintained resort cities.

As one of the earliest special economic zones in China,Xiamen is empowered with both provincial-level authorities in economic administrator and local legislative power. Since the special economic zone was established in xiamen, the City's national economy has experienced a sustained, rapid and coordinated growth. Xiamen has been accredited as a National Sanitary City, National Garden City, National Model City for environmental Protection and National Excellent Tourist City.

Xiamen corporate formation-foreign company industry
Commercial trading company;
Consulting company;  
Science and Technology company;
Food and Beverage company / Catering Company.

Here provides the introduction of Xiamen company registration, to facilitate people who want to invest and set up a company in Xiamen. The most common type of business entity registered in Xiamen is wholly foreign owned enterprises which have an independent legal entity, limited liability for its owners, strong public perception and an enduring structure; raising capital and transfer of ownership is easier when compared to other business structures

Preferential Policies for Xiamen Corporate Formation
Although most of the preferential policies have been abrogated since January 1st, 2008, but for some sectors within some free trade zones or hi-tech development zones, qualified enterprises are still enjoying tax holidays or special financial subsidies. In 2009, preferential policies for business,outsourcing sector in the 20 cites around the country are good news and good chances for those who are interested in the service industry.

Registered and paid-up capitals of Xiamen Corporate Formation
In Xiamen, different business sectors are subject to different requirements. In general, the registered capital could be as low as RMB 30,000. In Xiamen, the registered capital is equal to the paid-up capital. For the trading enterprise, the registered capital is usually required RMB 500,000 or above. For the manufacturing enterprise, the registered capital is usually required RMB 1 million or above. For the service sector, such as consultancy, technology, market research and development, the registered capital is usually required RMB100, 000 or above.

All of the registered capital can be paid in one time (within 6 months after the date of the issuance of the Company’s business license) or be paid for many times within two years (In the first 3 months, 20% of the registered capital is mandatory). The terms of payment is determined by the volume of registered capital. If the registered capital is paid in one time, the fee of paid-up capital verification can be reduced. 

Xiamen Corporate Formation Timescale
For the trading enterprise: it takes 60-80 working days to finish the processing before we get required documents ready.

For the Consulting and technology service, it takes 60-80 working days to finish the processing before we get required documents ready.

For manufacturing enterprise, it takes 60-100 working days to finish the processing before we get the required documents ready, especially the approval papers from the fire & environmental protection bureaus.

It may take longer time if you apply for the import and export license or VAT qualification license.

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