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Xiamen Business Setup (RO)

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Xiamen business setup (RO) refers to representative office registration in Xiamen. Representative Office (RO) in Xiamen is established by foreign companies to engage in business liaisons, quality control, product promotion, market research, exchange of technology and other permitted activities in China. Representative offices are generally easier to establish than a branch or subsidiary, as they are not used for actual "business" (e.g. sales) and therefore there is less incentive for them to be regulated.

Functions for Representative Office (RO) in Xiamen
A Representative Office in China may only engage in non-profit making activities, it can carry out the following functions:
1. Conduct research and survey for its parent enterprise in the local market;
2. Liaise with local and foreign contacts in China on behalf of the parent enterprise;
3. Conduct research and provide data and promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners;
4. Act as a coordinator for the parent enterprise's activities in China;
5. Make travel arrangements for parent enterprise representatives and potential Chinese clients.

Advantages of Representative Office (RO) in Xiamen
Using a representative office as Xiamen entry form has the following advantages:
1. Affordable: no paid capital required, government and service fees are usually lower than what is needed for WFOEs.
2. Quicker setup process (usually within one month or so), and easy to control than others business type in human resources or taxes issues.
3. The quickest, relatively inexpensive and easy legal form to set up.

Procedures for Representative Office (RO) Registration in Xiamen
1. Preparing all the needed documents and information;
2. Apply for registration with the local Administration for Industry and Commerce in Xiamen;
3. Apply for Registration Certificate with State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC);
4. Chops made by Public Security Bureau (PSB);
5. Apply for Organization Code License by Technical Supervision Bureau (TSB);
6. Register with Local Taxation Bureau;
7. State Administration of Foreign Exchange registration(SAFE);
8. Open Foreign Currency and RMB bank account;
9. Register with Statistical Bureau.

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