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Xiamen Company Registration (RO)

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Xiamen company registration (RO) refers to register a representative office in Xiamen. Representative office (RO) is a liaison office of it's parent company. It requires no registered capital. It's activities would be: product or service promotion, market research of it's parent company's business, Quality Control liaison office etc in China. RO generally is prohibited to generate any revenue nor generating contracts with local businesses in China.

Features of Representative Office
1. Legal Status of a Representative Office
The Representative Office is a non-legal entity operating representing it's parent company overseas. A representative office is not allowed to engage itself in business activities, issue invoices on its own, remitting outward, signing sales or purchase contracts, or receiving income from services performed but may act as a liaison and promotion office for its parent company.

2. Company Name
The name of the Representative office should be in the form of "Name of the Enterprise + Name of the City + Representative Office".

3. Business Address
At the beginning of setting up the Representative Office, it is advised to decide the place and building where office is going to be located first, as the address of the proposed office will have to be mentioned in the application for approval.

Note: the business address must be located in commercial buildings approved by the government.

Under no circumstances may a Representative Office do the following in China:
1. Directly engaged in any business for profit;
2. Sign contracts or deals on behalf of the parent enterprise;
3. Represent any firm other than its parent enterprise;
4. Collect money or issue invoice within China for services or products;
5. Buy property or import production equipment.

Registration Procedures for RO in Xiamen
1. Apply for registration with the local Administration for Industry and Commerce in Xiamen;
2. Apply for Registration Certificate with State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC);
3. Chops made by Public Security Bureau (PSB);
4. Apply for Organization Code License by Technical Supervision Bureau (TSB);
5. Register with Local Taxation Bureau;
6. State Administration of Foreign Exchange registration(SAFE);
Open Foreign Currency and RMB bank account;
7. Register with Statistical Bureau.

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