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Xiamen Business Incorporation (FTZ)

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Xiamen business incorporation (FTZ), also known as Xiamen company registration, Xiamen corporate formation and Xiamen company establishment, has attracted investors both from home and abroad in recent years. Xiamen, a coastal city in Fujian province, has an unparalleled advantage in building a free trade zone given its talent pool and rich experience of innovative policies.

The Xiamen Area of Fujian FTZ which comprises the cross-Strait trade centre core zone and the southeast region international shipping centre Haicang port area, is a unique pilot FTZ in China featuring joint development of land and sea ports, airports and cruise homeports.

The positioning of the zone is the development of new- and high-tech R&D, information consumption, airport-based industries, international trade related services, financial services, professional services, cruise economy and other emerging industries and high-end services as well as building the cross-Strait economic and trade cooperation region to become a regional centre for international trade facing the Asia-Pacific region with foothold in the mainland.

Fast Facts About Xiamen
Host of the BRICS Summit 2017;
One of China’s four original Special Economic Zones;
One of the sub-areas of the Fujian Free Trade Zone;
The seventh largest container port in China and one of the top 15 container ports in the world;
A renowned tourist city in China.

Requirements on Company Registration in Xiamen
1. Company Members
Any foreign individual or entity can be shareholder. However, Chinese citizens can not be one of your shareholders, only Chinese local company. A legal representative, manager and supervisor are needed to register a new company in China. They can be foreigners or Chinese locals. Legal representative and manager can be the same person although supervisor must be independent.

2. Types of Entity
Representative Office (RO);
Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE);
Joint Venture (JV).

3. Minimal Capital
Service WFOE’s minimum capital is RMB100,000 as required by the Local Foreign Investment Bureau. While the minimum capital of a Trading WFOE is RMB 500,000 as a requirement of the Local Foreign Investment Bureau. As for how much capital will pass, it will depend on the trading products and business activities you put into your business scope; the more products you offer, the higher registered capital will be required.

Business incorporation in Xiamen is a big project by itself, which requires financial and time commitments, business management knowledge and China expertise. Identifying a competent agent to manage the complex process will be a cost and time effective way to avoid potential pitfalls. Tannet will assist you in your business development from business startup to business followup and business speedup.

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