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Nanchang Representative Office Formation

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Nanchang Representative Office Service
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Nanchang Representative Office (RO) is a common investment vehicle for mainland China-based business wherein foreign parties (individuals or corporate entities) can incorporate. Because forming a Rep Office in China is faster, cheaper and easier than forming a Wholly Foreign Owned Entity (WFOE), companies oftentimes consider forming a Rep Office in China to test the waters there, with the intention of switching over to a WFOE once it becomes clear China will be viable for them.        

Rep Offices are pretty much limited to engaging in the following:
Conducting research;
Promoting their foreign company owner;
Coordinating their foreign company owner’s activities in China;
Other activities that do not and are not intended to generate a profit.

Basic requirements for forming a Rep Office
1. The most important requirement is that there must be a lease on an approved space for a period of at least one year beyond the approval date of the Rep Office. Care should be taken with this requirement, since many jurisdictions accept leases only from a small group of approved office buildings. Shanghai, for example, is one such jurisdiction. The lease must be registered, which can also cause problems in some jurisdictions.

2. There must be a designated Chief Representative who will manage the affairs of the Rep Office.

3. There must a foreign entity (typically a limited liability company or a corporation) that the local office represents; private individuals and partnerships cannot establish a Rep Office in China. In addition, some jurisdictions in China do not allow newly formed entities to form a Rep Office.

Function of Nanchang Representative Office
1. Conduct research and survey for its parent enterprise in Nanchang;
2. Liaise with local and foreign contacts in Nanchang on behalf of the parent enterprise;
3. Conduct research and provide data and promotional materials to potential clients or trading partners;
4. Act as a coordinator for the parent enterprise's activities in Nanchang;
5. Make travel arrangements for parent enterprise representatives and potential Chinese clients.

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