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Nanchang Living Environment

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Nanchang, established in 202 BC, with over 2200 years of history, is the capital city of Jiangxi Province and the political, economic, cultural and technological center of the province, administering four counties (Nanchang County, Xinjian County, Jinxian County and Anyi County), five districts (Donghu District, Xihu D- istrict, Qingyunpu District, Wanli District and Qingshanhu District), three statele- vel Development Zones (Nanchang High-tech Industrial Development Zone, N- anchang Economic and Technological Development Zone and Nanchang Xiaol- an Economic and Technological Development Zone), Jiangxi Sanghai Economic and Technological Development Zone, Honggutan New District and Airport Eco- nomic Zone, area totaling into 7402km2, among which urban area accounts for 617km2, with total population of 5184 thousand, one of the 35 megalopolises thr- oughout the country, and the first batch of national famous historical and cultural city approved by the State Council.

Sanitary and Medical Services
Nanchang has such large general hospitals above level 3 as the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, the Second Affiliated Hospital to Nanchang University, Jiangxi Provincial People's Hospital, the First Hospital of Nanchang, and etc., over 2451 sanitary institutions, including 103 hospitals, 151 community sanitary service institutions, 95 health centers in townships and towns, 1185 village health rooms, 545 outpatient departments (clinics), 11 disease prevention and control centers, 2 health education stations, 11 maternal and child health institutions, 1 emergency center, 2 blood collecting and supply institutions, 11 health supervision stations and 25 other various kinds of institutions.

International Education
Nanchang International School is the first high-quality school for foreigners’ children with perfect facilities jointly established by Nanchang Municipal Education Bureau and China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Zone International Education Service Co., Ltd., obtained the formal approval documents from Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in February 2011. It is the only international school taking English as instruction language, specially providing education service for the children of foreigners, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan people in Nanchang City.

Shopping and Entertainment
There are 6 operation business complexes built in Nanchang, with total construction area of 2 million m2, total investment of 17 billion yuan, and 5 complexes under construction, with total construction area of 10 million m2, total investment of 80 billion yuan. The super giant urban complex, Hengmao Dream World, is the second urban complex of Nanchang after Wanda Plaza. At present, it has brought in 22 domestic and international well-known enterprises, like Carrefour, Parkson, and etc., having large-scale exquisite shopping, roof fashion leisure ecological park, large-scale velarium square, and etc.

Among the complexes under construction, Wanda Cultural Tourism City project owns a total investment of about 40 billion yuan, with total construction area of 4.75 million m2, including construction area of 160 thousand m2, for Wanda Commercial Center, the main body of the entire cultural tourism city. There are 12 municipal-level, 2 provincial-level and 1 state-level featured commercial streets in Nanchang currently.

Sports Center in Nanchang
As undertaking the 7th National Intercity Games in 2011, Nanchang built a batch of high-standard sports venues, including two world-standard sports centers, which are Nanchang International Sports Center in Honggutan and Jiangxi Olympics Sports Center in Hi-tech Zone; one world top-level shooting range--Wanli Shooting Center; the only water sports field which is the most advanced in the country integrating competitions, training life, mass recreation--Yaohu International Water Sports Center. Besides, Nanchang has three golf courses and numerous fitness and entertainment venues like English and American Billiard, badminton museum, karaoke, etc.

Hotels in Nanchang
There are 57 star-level hotels in Nanchang now, with 10266 guest rooms and 16927 beds, having lots of five-star hotels, such as Galactic Peace International Hotel, Trilec Hotel, Jiangxi Hotel, Gloria Plaza Hotel, Jinfeng Hotel, Treasure Palace Hotel, Oriscene Garden Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, and etc., and Shangri-La Hotel (Nanchang) has been completed for operation, Sheraton Hotel, Holiday Inn and other famous hotels are under construction.

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