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Nanchang Tax Advisory Services

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Tannet can work as a tax advisor to provide Nanchang Company dedicated tax advisory services. We can help clients understand the tax effects of each financial decision through tax planning.

Nanchang Tannet’s tax advisory service includes analyzing financial and tax problems, formulating solutions and making recommendations designed to provide advice on taxation for clients ranging from individuals to business.

Nanchang Tannet’s tax advisory services cover the following:
Investment planning;
Tax impact of income and deductions, contributions, major purchases and investments;
Individual and corporate tax planning;
Tax advice to executors and trustees;
Reorganization of corporations and partnerships;
Tax consequences of acquiring existing businesses and business assets;
Individual income tax returns;
Value Added Tax (VAT) Services;
Personal financial planning for individuals including client employees and executives;
Income tax planning for executives including employee compensation and benefit plans;
Tax efficiency of proposed gift and charitable contribution programs;
Representation of clients in tax negotiations and disputes with the tax bureau;
Trade and customs services - ensures compliance with trade laws and regulations while trying to avoid, reduce, or defer overall customs duties.

Due to the changing tax environment and increased regulations, reporting obligations are time consuming. Nanchang Tannet tax adviser help Nanchang clients better manage taxes earnings and cash flow, manage tax planning in an efficient manner with practical strategies, and implement organizational change in a tax efficient manner.

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