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Nanchang Development Zone

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Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province, administering four counties, five districts, three state-level Development Zones, a provincial-level Development Zone, an industrial park and Honggutan New District. Its area totals 7,402 square kilometers, with a total population of more than 5 million people. The following gives you a brief introduction to the state-level Development Zones.

Nanchang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Date of Establishment: March 1991
Level: State-level
Planning Area:231km2
Regional Location: 5km away from downtown, 28km away from airport
Leading Industries: PV industry, LED industry, large aircraft industry, biomedical industry, service outsourcing industry, emerging information industry, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials Number of Settled-in Enterprises: over 2600 enterprises.
Support from Zone: Having released several industrial supporting policies.
Supporting Facilities: Possessing complete drainage planning, river regulation, greening planning, regional environmental planning having passed the verification by Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China; fully realizing "Rain and Sewage" Separation, having built water pipe network 53km, rain pipe network 70km, sewage pipe of nearly 100km; in the zone are built sewage processing plant with daily capacity of 1.2 million tons, having built sewage treatment plant with daily capacity of 500 thousand tons, and complete urban infrastructures of electricity, public transportation, communication facilities, school, hospital, etc.

Nanchang State-level Economic and Technological Development Zone
Date of Establishment: February 1992
Level: State-level
Planning Area: 107km2
Regional Location: 8km away from downtown, 15km away from airport
Leading Industries: Household appliances manufacturing, automotive mechatronics, electronic information, new materials, biomedicine, food and beverage
Number of Settled-in Enterprises: There are over 1800 settled-in enterprises in the zone now, among which there are 9 Global 500 enterprises, 6 Domestic Top500 enterprises, 2 Taiwan Top100 Enterprises and 15 listed companies.
Supporting Facilities: There are complete roads, water and electricity supply facilities in Nanchang Economic and Technological Development Zone. In the Zone are built transformer station with total power capacity of 360 thousand KVA, water works with daily water supply of 180 thousand tons and sewage treatment plant with daily processing capacity of 200 thousand tons, realizing pipe network of rainfall and sewage separation and full coverage of communication pipeline.

Nanchang Xiaolan (State-level) Economic and Technological Development Zone
Date of Establishment: March 2002
Level: State-level Economic and Technological Development Zone
Planning Area: built-up area in core area of 22km2, planning expanding area of 200km2
Regional Location: 10km away from downtown, only 30km away from Changbei International Airport
Leading Industries: Automobile and parts industry, food and beverage industry, biomedical industry
Settled-in Enterprises: over 669 enterprises
Support from Zone: eligible in-zone enterprises could enjoy policy support, enterprise listing, investment financing and other service support.
Supporting Facilities: 6km2 Changnan business area is united with development zone, beautiful Chengbi Lake embracing Xiaolan Economic Development Zone peripherally. Surrounding are 3 five-star hotels, 3 four-star hotels and Cuilin Golf Course and numerous entertainment clubs, which is the first choice for business reception, leisure & recreation and appreciating local unique charm of Nanchang.

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