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China Work Permit Application

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China Work Permit application is really important for those who want work or live in China. As we know, more and more foreigners have been flooded into China to settle down and work. Therefore, getting to know how to apply for work permit in China is what you should do. Tannet we collect the information for China work permit, as follows:

Invitation Letter Not Required Any More
The welcome news for expats this year is that no invitation letter required during working visa application. Foreign Affairs Office would not issue the invitation letter from April 1st 2017. You could apply for Z visa through the employment permit notice.

What kind of documents you should make in your country?
A. The original education certificate
B. Police Clearance Certificate
The two documents need to be notarized in local notary public needs to be stamped in the local Chinese embassy of your home country;
Besides if you are planning to quit job in your own country, we may suggest you to get the recommendation letter from your former employer. That would be nice presentation for your working performance in China Labor Bureau.

The requirements and materials for china work permit:
Each case is unique and there are differences between each city’s immigration and labour processes. There are, however, a few standard requirements that expat employees will likely have to fulfil:
• The work permit application has to be sponsored by a locally registered company in China;
• They'll need to live and work in the same location as their sponsoring company;
• A medical examination is required.

The steps and procedures for China work permit :
1. Prepare your working visa application (about 3-5 working days);
2. Contact your company to stamp above application (Depend on you);
3. We will apply the 1 year "Alien Employment Permit" for you (about 20 working days);
4. We will apply the 1 year working "Residence Permit" for you (abbout 7 working days).

Contact Us
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