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China Talent Assessment Introduction

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Talent Assessment demonstrates how to manage the needs of the individual employees and those of the organization in parallel; how to identify the aspirational and development needs of potential top performers and how to manage them sensibly. This involves using techniques to assess their mindsets, behaviours and skills and then providing effective training, development and performance management interventions.

Talent assessment is a “camouflage & anti-camouflage” game between the employer and candidates. And a scientific talent assessment technology, well-organized assessment project and professional experts can help to improve the employer’s “anti-camouflage” capacity, to guarantee the work efficiency.

Talent assessments, also called pre-employment tests or employment screening tests, are used to help employers identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs at their company.Talent assessments help predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance and retainability, so, in theory, applicants who pass the screening test should perform better as employees if they're hired.Talent assessment tests are based on hiring and retention case studies and analyzing employee data. The test results will give the company an indication of how close a match the candidate taking the test will be to the company's hiring specifications.

Scope of Talent Assessment;
Talent selection;
Personnel echelon cultivation;
Leadership improvement;
Assistant performance management;
Training & development.

Characters & Advantages of Talent Assessment;
Whole process;
Strong guarantee;
Great reputation.

Tannet, we are willing to cooperate with the employer to provide a third party service, including talent recruitment, selection, evaluation, professional grading, performance assessment and position competition, i.e. human resource business outsource.

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