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China Company Financial Services (WFOE)

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China company financial services is conducive to foreign investors who are new to Chinese market since the corporate laws and regulations are different from that of western countries. To make the business run smoothly, foreign investors and business individuals must make sure that their business establishment and operation meet the legal requirements in China. In this way, various financial services like accounting & bookkeeping, tax return filing, payroll management  and so on are highly recommended.

Tannet’s financial team is equipped with China, Hong Kong and overseas professionals who have a good knowledge of financial expertise. Our experienced financial consultants are committed to improving enterprises’ financial conditions and enabling them to reduce risks and reach expected development objectives. As one of the most popular business entity type, WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise) gains an increasing popularity in these years. The following are the financial services provided by Tannet for WFOE.

Importance of Financial Services
Financial services are extremely important when it comes to money management. Not everyone is a great money manager, but professionals that provide financial services are trained in the best methods for helping consumers save more and spend less. An important part of any business or organization is, arguably, the money that comes in and the money that goes out.

In addition to providing enterprise with the tools to compile the information they need to complete your regular accounting, tax returns or payroll matters, financial services help them understand what's going on with your business financially. When you understand your company's financial workings, you are better able to keep your operations profitable and stay afloat.

Tannet’s Financial Services for WFOEs
1. Accounting & Bookkeeping
(1) Assistance in the initial set-up of the full set of accounting books and records system;
(2) Monthly accounting and bookkeeping services;
(3) Compilation of management accounts;
(4) Preparation of annual financial statements;
(5) Annual audit assistance.

2. Tax Filing
Common WFOE tax liabilities in China include:
(1) Corporation Tax;
(2) Import Tariffs on self-purpose equipment;
(3) Value Added Tax;
(4) Foreign Employee Personal Tax.

3. Payroll Management
(1) Initial set-up of the payroll system;
(2) Payroll calculation;
(3) Payroll report for local accounting entry and HQ management;
(4) Preparation and filing of employees’ PRC Individual Income Tax returns and assistance in settling any related tax liability;
(5) Assistance in the employer registration of social benefits and housing fund;
(6) Monthly compliance work for social benefits and housing fund.

In addition to financial services for WFOE, Tannet also provides a wide range of business services ranging from various types of company formation to business operation solutions. We are glad to give you a helping hand to support your business in China.

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