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China Company Incorporation (FTZ)

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China Corporate Formation (FTZ)/China Company Registration
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China Free Trade Zone (also short as China FTZ), as a group of special economic zones in China, has attracted a large number of foreign investors for company incorporation, thanks to its preferential policies for certain industries or sectors.

1. China FTZ Company Incorporation - Benefits
a. One-stop convenient logistics infrastructure;
b. Tax incentives and easier access to China work permit application for foreign investors;
c. A company in certain sectors could be incorporated, while those are restricted out of free trade zones.

2. Main Required Documents for Incorporation
a. Notarization and legalization of Investor’s identity documents;
b. All members’ passport and ID documents copies;
c. Basis company information.

3. China FTZ Company Incorporation - Procedures
Once basis company details confirmed, you can go through company incorporate procedures as below:
a. Preparing one set of statutory documents;
b. Company name check and reservation;
c. Record filing with foreign-invested enterprise establishment;
d. Applying business license;
e. Curving company seals;
f. Opening a bank account;
g. Import and export license, if involved in international trading;
h. Any special license application, if any.

4. China FTZ Company Incorporation - Time
Generally speaking, the process of China free trade zone company incorporation will take about 1-2 months, excluding the special license application.

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