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Establish a Training Center in China

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Establish a training center in China is a popular choice for foreign investors to set up business in the country. China’s education market is now open to investments in the delivery of non-academic training-related services. Apart from the heavily-controlled schooling segment, the remaining segments of the China’s education market are open to joint ventures and wholly-foreign owned enterprises (WFOEs).

Why Invest in China’s Education Market?
Chinese parents take education seriously to the extent that they invest heavily in education and extra-curricular programs. In any case, as China marches toward building a service economy, education will remain the deciding factor for many young people as they enter a highly competitive workforce. A significant segment of Chinese household spending is allocated to child education, with many spending upwards of RMB 50,000 per year on extracurricular education for their children.

Therefore, the education industry in China is promising. Foreign investors may be able to capitalize on the value associated with foreign-supplied education and on subjects that have high market demand or vocational value.

Requirements on Establishing a Training Center in China
At present, Sino-foreign cooperation is a mandatory requirement to gain an education license in China, which an enterprise will need to establish to legally provide training. The general requirements are listed below:

1. Legal person
(1) Legal person status in the People’s Republic of China;
(2) Good credit rating score;
(3) The legal representative is a citizen of the People’s Republic of China and exhibits good credit, no criminal record, and possesses civil capacities and political rights.

2. Natural person
(1) A citizen of the People’s Republic of China;
(2) Good credit and no criminal record;
(3) Possesses full civil capacities and political rights.
(4) Cooperative founders.

A joint program agreement must be put in place when two or more legal entities or natural persons form a training center. Such an agreement states the purpose of the school, rights and obligations, training outcomes, and relevant dispute resolution measures.

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