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Business China Advantages

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If you set up your business in China, and do you know how many advantages in China business registration.

Business China Advantages:
1. One-stop business service provider of China business registration, China working visa application, China accounting, and tax compliance service.
2. A professional consulting team with more than ten years’ experience.
3. Numerous successful cases of clients from all over the world.
4. Bilingual service.

Advantages of Applying for a China Work Permit:
1. Foreign investors or employees could apply for one-year work residences without leaving China. Foreigners holding L visas, F visas or M visas had to exit China to extend their visa while residing in China after one year. Obtaining a China work permit leaves you no worries.
2. Family members of China Work Permit holders can apply for family residence permits afterward without leaving China to extend visas.
3. A China Work Permit and Family Residence Permit only require one-time extension per year.
4. Gaining a residence permit in China enables you to work and live in China legally.

Advantages of registering a company in China as a foreigner:
1. Legally operate the business inside of China and generate tax invoices.
2. Apply China Work Permit for foreign employees.
3. Apply for import and export rights and enjoy tax refund.
4. Apply for general taxpayer.
5. Protect intellectual property and independent patent technology.

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