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China Manufacturing Company Formation

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China manufacturing company formation is suitable for those who wish to manufacture products in China. This kind of business presence can be called a manufacturing WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise). China is the world’s largest manufacturer, and its labour costs are still low relative to that of most western countries. In some instances, the government may provide incentives and tax breaks for foreign manufacturing companies. Therefore, it is an ideal location to manufacture products that require a high labor component or to produce things on a vast scale.

Requirements on Registration
1. Registered capital and office location
For manufacturing WFOE's registered capital requirements may vary depending on the industry and the location. So, if you can be flexible on location, shop around and compare regional differences. With much of China's eastern and southern coastal areas possessing sound import-export infrastructure, it may be more efficient to place the factory in one of the second-tier cities-----capital requirements and operating costs vary quite considerably.

2. Business scope
With a limited company incorporated does not necessarily mean you can engage in any business activities, as is the case in some western countries. Manufacturing WFOE can only operate within the business scope approved by Chinese authorities. Other operations are subject to further approval.

How to Set Up a Manufacturing Company in China
Generally speaking, the establishment process is as follows:
1. Company name checking;
2. Document files submit;
3. Approval from government;
4. Business license Issuance;
5. Official seal application;
6. Bank account opening.

The incorporation processing time depends on several factors. For the detailed advice and guidance, please send us more info about your business scope and business plan. Tannet can help you navigate through the ins-and-outs of China’s manufacturing world.

Tannet’s Post-registration Services
1. Accounting, tax filing and auditing;
2. Chinese work visa application;
3. Employee recruitment and payroll management;
4. Special license application;
5. Intellectual property protection (trademark, patent and copyright);
6. Global barcodes application;
7. Company website design and optimization;
8. Company deregistration.

Contact Us
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