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China Company Registration Requirements

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China Company Registration Requirements - Company Name
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When selecting a name for your business, try to make it short, easy to remember, descriptive of the business and capable of drawing attention. While this advice seems elementary, in practice it can be very hard to do. You may want to gather a group of friends and spend several hours or even days brainstorming to find possible names for the company. Be sure to rule out those that have negative attributes or that are very similar to names of existing businesses.

Once you decide on the name, you may have to register and/or receive approval from the local or state government that your business is formed in.

The name of your business must not be misleading or in any way imply something that the business is not. For example, you cannot imply that your business is a licensed plumbing contractor if you haven’t received a plumping license. Likewise, you cannot imply that you are a professional and are providing professional services if you don’t have professional credentials.

If the business will operate under a name that’s different from the owner’s full, legal name, most jurisdictions require that a fictitious owner affidavit be filed. A fictitious owner affidavit informs the local government and the public that the business is operating under an assumed name and indicates who the owner is.

If you operate under a fictitious name, make sure that you file an affidavit in each region where you do business. If you do business across state lines, it gets a little trickier because the rules can vary among the states.

Choosing a name for a limited partnership or limited liability company involves more formalities than choosing a sole proprietorship or partnership name. Also, the type of business organization must be included in the name.

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