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Xiongan New Area Business Opportunity

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China will establish a new special economic zone in the heavily polluted province of Hebei to promote integration with the neighbouring cities of Beijing and Tianjin. The Xiong’an New Area will be of the same national significance as the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, which helped kick-start China's economic reforms in 1980. The purpose of Xiong’an New Area is to explore a new model of optimized development in densely-populated areas.

Xiongan Business Opportunities
Exhibition, hotel, event organization and derivative industry chain. In the coming years, Xiong’an will be the concentration place to hold various large scale events, conferences and exhibitions.

University, medical, high-tech innovation industry and research and development. In the next few years, the major universities in Beijing, research institutes, medical institutions will be setting up branches Xiong’an.

Education and vocational training. With the relevant industries supporting vocational education and vocational training services will become necessary.

Media. With the construction of the new district and the influx of a large number of institutions and functions, Xiong’an will become the media center.

Financial. In view of the mission of reform, Xiong’an will have the most complete and open financial policy that will attract a large number of financial institutions to Xiong’an for registration of headquarters or branches.

Financial and human resources outsourcing services. Like the developed capitalist countries, the future of Xiong’an will need a large number of outsourcers to provide supporting services.

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