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Company Listing Services

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Company listing means admission of securities to dealings on a recognised stock exchange. The securities may be of any public limited company, Central or State Government, quasi governmental and other financial institutions/corporations, municipalities, etc.

The objectives of listing are mainly to :
provide liquidity to securities;
mobilize savings for economic development;
protect interest of investors by ensuring full disclosures.

Basic Listing Requirements for Equities
The following shows some of the basic requirements for listing equity securities on the Exchange.  For details of the listing requirements.
(I) Financial Requirements
Main Board: A Main Board new applicant must have a trading record of not less than three financial years.

GEM: A GEM new applicant must have a trading record of at least two financial years comprisin
i. A positive cashflow generated from operating activities in the ordinary and usual course of business of at least HK$20 million in aggregate for the two financial years immediately preceding the issue of the listing document;
ii.Market cap of at least HK$100 million at the time of listing.

(II) Accounting Standards
A new applicant's accounts must be prepared in accordance with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards or China Accounting Standards for Business Enterprises (PRC issuer only). Banking companies must also comply with the Financial Disclosure by Locally Incorporated Authorised Institutions issued by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

(III) Suitability for Listing
Both the issuer and its business must, in the opinion of the Exchange, be suitable for listing. An issuer or its group (other than an investment company) whose assets consist wholly or substantially of cash or short-dated securities will not normally be regarded as suitable for listing, except where the issuer or group is solely or mainly engaged in the securities brokerage business.

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