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China Brand Marketing

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China brand marketing is a speedup service of Tannet for Chinese businesses. A brand refers to the identity of a company. It represents the products or services a company offers, highlights the quality of the products, and can help create a following for products. Once a brand has been established, the next step is to do brand marketing. Brand marketing is referred to process of marketing products and services in a way that supports the brand and helps consumers understand the mission of the company.

China Brand Marketing- Objectives
1. Conjure your message instantly;
2. Enhance credibility;
3. Prompt an emotional affirmation;
4. Motivate the buyer;
5. Augment customer loyalty.

China Brand Marketing- Obstacles
1. Poor product/service quality;
2. High Competition;
3. Bad timing;
4. Poor location;
5. Lack of demand;
6. Poor resonance with target market’s values.

China Brand Marketing- Strategy
1. Build a strong corporate board of directors: By including directors who are well connected to different strategic resources such as, regulatory authorities, media and politicians, Chinese companies can further strengthen their ties to multiple stakeholders.

2. Develop a powerful local, regional and national distribution system: China is a vast and widely spread out country. Distribution systems in China are not consolidated as they are in much advanced countries such as the United States, United Kingdom or Europe.

3. Tap the local human capital of customers, collaborators and competitors: As is widely acknowledged by now, China is a very different market from those in the Western world. Chinese companies should leverage this difference to their advantages. In addition to using market research firms.

4. Create difference clearly highlighting what makes your offer different, what is your USPs (unique selling points).

5. Add value to your services. Adding value to your products or services means adding revenue to your business, as people are willing to pay more for the high value products.

6. Connect with your audience. Getting your message across to your target market is important for all businesses. How can you communicate your brand to the public? Storytelling, credibility, engaging with your customers etc.

7. Increase your brand recognition in China. A Chinese brand name can help to increase your brand recognition in China.

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