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An Invitation to Tannet 20 Year Anniversary Gala

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Tannet Group Limited was established by Mr. Carlson Chan in Hong Kong in 1999. This coming June. 22nd Tannet is gonna embrace its 20 year anniversary with sense of gratitude and joy, reunion and sharing, vision and challenge. Born at the turning point of the century, Tannet identify itself strategically at each phrase and grasp the opportunities present in front and hidden underneath the tides of change and transformation of the remarkable era.

If the historic background of Reform and Opening-up in China, the economic globalization and technology informatization is the grand canvas, then the hard work and innovation spirit of the Tannet Group and the great support and wisdom we received from our clients and partners is the defining brush and the ink for the fine art. Geographically favored , Tannet, based in Great Bay area, with the Greater China in the back, connecting Hong Kong and Macao, facing Southeast Asia, serves the world of business. Under the leadership of Tannet CEO the first employee of the company, Tannet has grown into an multi-national, multi-industry entity that equipped with 12 administrative departments, 20 business service centers, employed over 800 talents, established partnership with over 3000 institutions and developed more than 100,000 clients. We’ve strategically launched Four Machines, namely Business Incubation Machine, Management Propeller Machine, Business Operation Machine and Development Accelerator Machine to provide entrepreneurs and enterprises from all over of the globe with cross country, cross industry, professional, personalized,one-stop high end services. We are very proud to announce that the survival rate of companys of our clients can reach above 80% compared with an average of 30% by official data.

The great era has been forever evolving and generating new opportunities and challenges. Tannet prioritizes the transformation and upgrading of the company focusing on strategic positioning, balancing and adjusting mainly in these four areas: from sole operating to co-operating; from managing corporations to managing capital; from serving individual to serving group; from singular service to integrated service. In this spirit Tannet launched Citilinkia Industrial Alliance. It’s a sharing platform aiming at promoting alliances between intercity, inter-industry and inter-enterprise so as to become a real supply chain, enterprise unity, resource sharing body and interest community. With various resources integrated from overseas business incubators, free trade port, high-tech zones, SME associations, as well as various institutions and organizations, Citilinkia provides its members and their clients with a borderless, cross-industry, functional and intelligent service platform.

It is with this determination and passion, we’re inviting the aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs like you to attend our big gathering and celebration this June 22nd at Intercontinental Hotel in OCT Shenzhen. This will be a event of sharing ideas, enhancing cooperations and making connections. With the new PRC Foreign Investment Law aiming to provide stronger protection and support for further expanding, opening up and better using of foreign investment, there are great prospects and opportunities lie ahead. Tannet invites you all to take the opportunities together. Let’s look forward to a greater success in the next twenty years...


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