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Guangdong Province Has Been Redoubling Efforts to Push and Support Development Private Sector

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It is reported that the Guangdong government issued 10 measures to support the real economy in August last year, including reducing enterprises' costs related to social insurance payments, securing and maintaining properties, and technological upgrades, which have since directly saved 123 billion yuan ($17.7 billion) in corporate costs.

The authorities have updated and improved the measures this year, with a renewed focus on the private sector. For example, the provincial government plans to establish a working group to better coordinate support for small and medium-sized enterprises and nonpublic firms, Ma said.

Guangdong ranks top among all Chinese provincial-level regions in terms of private sector-related added value, enterprises, tax revenue and foreign trade. Nonpublic firms account for 97.7 percent of all firms operating in the province.

Private companies' primary concern, according to Ma, relates to the business environment. Issues relating to market access and application procedures have yet to be fully addressed, and government approval processes need to be further streamlined.

To address these issues, the Guangdong government has been deepening reforms to streamline administration, delegate responsibility and improve services.

It was the first province to issue a document about creating a new model for government-business relations.

A platform allowing financial services to assess SMEs' credibility has played a role in tackling their fundraising difficulties, he said.

The Guangdong government is helping to build a social credibility system by implementing digital government initiatives. The aim is to help financial institutions more easily acquire corporate information and streamline financing approval processes.

The government will actively facilitate intellectual property-backed financing and accounts receivable-backed financing, among other measures, to boost financing for SMEs.

As part of efforts to support nonpublic enterprises in innovation, the provincial government will work to build a platform encompassing the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for sharing major technological infrastructure, conducting joint research into key technologies, and participating in large-scale scientific plans, Ma said. (Source: China Daily)

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