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China’s Added Value in Copyright Industry Accounted for 7.33% of GDP in 2016: Data Release

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It is reported that recently China Academy of Press and Publication released the research results about “the Economic Contribution of China’s Copyright Industry in 2016”. The research indicated that China’s added value in copyright industry reached 545.5146 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.0% (with no price factor deducted, the same below). The added value accounted for 7.33% of GDP while that of 2015 accounted for 7.30%,with 0.03 percentage points more than that of 2015. The share of China’s copyright industry in the national economy is rising steadily and the total copyright scale is further increasing.

Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the National Copyright Administration of China implemented the decisions and arrangement of the CPC Central Committee to take the legal, political and administrative measures to promote the fast growth of the copyright industry in China.

The copyright industry continuously provides more jobs and plays a positive role in promoting employment and foreign trade. In 2016, the urban employment in the copyright industry reached 16,724,500 people, accounting for 9.35% of the total national urban number. For the same year, the value of exported goods in copyright industry recorded 241.674 billion US dollars, taking up 11.52% of the value of all exported goods.

Source: National Copyright Administration of China

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