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China to Create More Opportunities and Make Greater Contribution for the World: President Xi

Updated:2017-12-7 10:03:15    Source:www.tannet-group.comViews:129

Tannet learns from Xinhua News that Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the country will create more opportunities and make a greater contribution for the world.

Xi made the remarks in a congratulatory letter to the 2017 Fortune Global Forum, which opened in the south China city of Guangzhou Wednesday.

In his letter, Xi said China will develop the open economy to a higher level, promote the Belt and Road Initiative, and push for a new pattern of all-round opening up.

Looking forward, he said China will enjoy robust development momentum, the people will have a greater sense of gain and the country will be more integrated into the world.

The president said China's economy has the foundation, condition and impetus to maintain stable growth and sound momentum.

He reiterated that China will not close its door to the world, and it will only become more and more open, with its business environment becoming more open, transparent and regulated.

China will continue to forge global partnerships, expand the common interests with others countries, further liberalize and facilitate trade and investment, and push for an economic globalization that is more open and inclusive, more balanced, more equitable and beneficial to all, Xi said.

Xi welcomed global businesses to invest in China to share the opportunities brought by the country's reform and development. (Source: Xinhua News)

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