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Basic Facts About China

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China is one of the world's largest sovereign territories - and its most populous. It lies at the eastern edge of Asia, bordered by a number of the region’s most prominent nations including Russia, India and Pakistan, and sharing maritime borders with South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines.

China’s earliest civilisations stretch back to prehistory, but the country was ruled by a series of grand imperial dynasties for centuries - until 1912, when the old system was replaced by the Republic of China. In 1949, the Communist Party established the People’s Republic of China and, after a period of socialist rule, opened up to the world with economic reform in 1978.

China’s landscapes include mountain ranges, grasslands and plains, contrasting with densely populated urban centres like the capital, Beijing. China’s climate shifts between dry seasons and monsoons, while temperatures vary greatly across every corner of the country thanks to a diverse topography.

Full Name: People’s Republic of China
Population: 1.386 billion (World Bank, 2017)
Capital: Beijing
Primary Language: Mandarin
Main Religion: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism
Monetary Unit: Yuan
Main Exports: Electrical machinery and equipment, furniture, cotton, tea and rice
GNI Per Capita: US $16,760 (World Bank, 2017)
Internet domain: .cn
International Dialing Code: +86

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