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Industries with Yiwu’s Characteristics

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Yiuw government vigorously supports the development of industries and enterprises with quality, advantages and characteristics and strengthens the advantage industries, large scale enterprise and competitive products, thus boosting the development of new high-tech enterprises and products. A number of advantage industries and products have been brought out including clothing, decorations, zippers, wool textile, knitting, printing, pen-making, craftworks, cosmetics and toys, thus forming the massive economy with regional characteristics.

1. Clothing: Yiwu City has become one of the four shirt manufacturing bases in China with daily production of over 1 million shirts in Dachen Town and Suxi Town. Dachen Town, reputed as the hometown of China’s shirts, boasts many famous trademarks of Zhejiang Province including Nengdali, Aoge and Tingdeshuai. Nengdali clothing was the national inspection-free products and Nengdali shirts were recognized as brandname Chinese products by the State General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and China Top Brand Strategy Promotion Committee.

2.  Decorations: With more than 20 years’ market experience, Yiwu’s decoration industry made great progress and fostered a large number of large scale decoration enterprises with high quality, among which are Zhejiang Neoglory Jewelry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qinglin Ornaments Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Linlang Ornaments Co., Ltd, Zhejiang Sunflower Ornaments Co., Ltd. Yiwu Beier Ornaments Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Zhuoyani Ornaments Co., Ltd.

Today, over 3,800 jewelry and ornaments manufacturing and trading enterprises in Yiwu realize the annual output value of RMB12 billion, accounting for over 70% of output and output value of China’s ornament industry. Yiwu’s ornaments industry has constructed a complete industrial chain with the integration of product development, material supply, logistics and distribution and product sales. Yiwu’s decoration industry is increasingly perfected by virtue of auxiliary facilities and the Yiwu market is keeping its swift development momentum with continuingly elevated international awareness.

3.  Zippers: The output and sales volume of Yiwu’s zippers account for one quarter and more than one third of those in China respectively. There are about 280 zipper manufacturing enterprises, 80 raw and supplementary materials manufacturing enterprises and 30 zipper machinery parts enterprises in Yiwu’s zipper industry, accounting for 19.5% of the domestic zipper industry. Besides, there are 16 industrial enterprises with annual sales of over RMB2 million and state-owned enterprises and Zhejiang Weihai Zipper Co., Ltd. has become one of the largest zipper manufacturing enterprises in China.

About 37,000 employees are engaged in this industry and produces over 50 types of zippers and zipper sliders made in metal, nylon, resin, steel reinforced plastic and derlin with the decorations of rhinestones in the concealed or two open-ends forms with waterproof or fireproof functions. In 2003, the output of the zippers was about 5.3 billion meters, about 70% of which were directly or indirectly exported to other parts of the world, with the annual output value of RMB3.5 billion, accounting for 27% of the total output in China.

Parts of the products were exported to the United States, Russia, Italy, South Africa, Vietnam, Pakistan, Europe and Middle East. Binwang Zipper Specialized Street boasts more than 800 salesrooms set up by large scale enterprises at home and abroad and becomes the largest zipper specialized market in China and even in the world. Over 40% of the products in the national zipper industry were sold through Yiwu.

During the period from May 10 to May 12, 2005, Yiwu was awarded the title of “China’s zipper industrial base” after the examination and assessment by the expert group from China Hardware Association.

4. Knitting: The knitting industry with the main products of socks and stockings possesses over 60,000 hosiery machines including over 30,000 state-of-the-art hosiery machines in the world. The total output of Yiwu’s knitting industry accounted for 40% of the total output in China. Besides, the knitting industry of Yiwu grabbed the market of Guangzhou and Chengdu and Langsha Group, Zhejiang MengNa Kitting Co., Ltd. and Fengli Group have become the most famous manufacturing enterprises for socks and stockings and owned their own well-known brands.

The products of knitting underclothes in the Yiwu’s market are mainly made up of bras, panties, underwear and swimming wears. Today, Yiwu has become the place you shouldn’t miss when you plan to buy seamless underwear. Most of China’s imported knitting machines for seamless underwear are in Yiwu (apart from Guangdong Province and Shengzhou, Haining in Zhejiang Province). Since the second half of the year 2004, over 1,500 Italian-made knitting machines for seamless underwear have been imported by the manufacturing enterprises.

5.Others: Wool textiles: Yiwu is one of the two major manufacturing bases of wool textile products in China; Printing: There are more than 400 enterprises in the printing industries and the most advanced printing equipments in the world are also can be seen in Yiwu; Toys: The Yiwu-made inflatable, plastic and plush toys sell well in over 30 countries and areas around the world.

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