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Hong Kong Company Secretarial Services

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Hong Kong company secretarial services are one of Tannet's business services for Hong Kong company. Each Hong Kong company must appoint a qualified company secretary who resides in Hong Kong and is knowledgeable and experienced with the Laws. A company secretary is required to be appoint by all limited companies. If the company secretary is an individual, he or she should ordinarily reside in Hong Kong; if the company secretary is a corporate secretary, its registered office or place of business should be in Hong Kong.

Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) of the Laws of Hong Kong, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong should appoint a company secretary, to perform the legal liability of the company, which includes declaration of relevant organisation structure, changes of shareholders and directors to the Companies Registry, as well as contemplation of the agenda of company meetings for Board of Directors, preparation of annual general meetings of shareholders and provision of professional advisory service and advice on relevant statutory ordinances.

Tannet’s Hong Kong Company Secretarial Services include:
1. Managing and keeping the company’s statutory book (register of shareholders / directors);
2. Organizing and witnessing required meeting of directors and shareholders alongside preparation of minutes;
3. Preparing and Filing Annual Returns;
4. Alternation of Director or Company Secretary;
5. Transfer of share / Share Allotment;
6. Changing the name of the company;
7. Changing company registered address;
8. Ensuring that the company complies with relevant laws and regulations;
9. Virtual secretarial service for Hong Kong companies;
10. Commercial secretarial service for Hong Kong Biz follows up;
11. Hong Kong GCF telephone forwarding;
12. Business and investment arrangement;
13. Investment promotion arrangement in Hong Kong and overseas;
14.Commercial, trading and logistics services on basis of pieces/quantity, size, value/time/commission.

Tannet has extensive experience in helping our clients with all aspects of company secretarial services in Hong Kong, from company establishment, to annual maintenance filings and other filings and coordination with the Hong Kong Companies Registry and Business Registration Office to the deregistration and winding up process. We assure you the best serivce at the most favorable price.

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